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Headstream, a specialist social agency.

Hi, we’re Headstream, a social specialist agency.

Using social, mobile and content, we help our clients become more successful by helping their brands be relevant in today’s connected world.

We believe being good at social lies in having a deep understanding of people. People whose attitudes and behaviours are changing as a result of their rapid adoption of social and mobile.

We are fanatical about results; give us a big strategic objective, throw us a tactical problem that needs nailing, or brief us on a challenge that’s been keeping you awake at night, and our first question will be; how will you measure success?

So if you feel you need to super-charge your social and mobile efforts, then give us a shout!

By the way, we’re also the agency behind the Social Brands 100, the ‘Oscars’* for those brands succeeding in the social age. Check out the latest report here.

* as described by @Film4: “It’s like the Oscars of brands on twitter!”



Case studies


    P&O Cruises 175th Anniversary Celebration


    To use social media to increase brand awareness and celebrate P&O Cruises’ 175th anniversary Grand Event on 3 July 2011.


    We created web and Facebook applications that encouraged the community – current and new to P&O Cruises – to share travel memories. We also created a dashboard which aggreged all #GrandEvent mentions during the celebrations.


    • On the day #GrandEvent was the no. 1 trending topic on Twitter in the UK
    • The campaign generated record website traffic and 6,000 email registrations
    • Facebook shares on P&O Cruises page on the day of the event were equivalent to 2 months’ usual volume
    • P&O Cruises ranked 2nd in the Q3 iProspect Facebook Engagement Index published in October 2012, with a 13.2% increase in engagement

    AstraZeneca - Social Media Monitoring


    To research how people in the UK, Canada and Northern European countries viewed flu vaccinations in the realm of social media, specifically looking at attitudes to vaccinations for children: vaccination programme pros and cons, previous campaigns and identifying the main advocates and detractors.


    Looking back at the seasonal peaks of the flu season, we found a wealth of discussion on

    parenting forums, flu tracking sites and action groups as well as the lobbyists driven by the controversy of previous vaccination programmes.


    • We delivered a comprehensive report including manually scored sentiment analysis and post categorisation as well as an examination of the for and against different groups
    • As well as a wealth of insight we also provided a list of potential influencers AstraZeneca could use for future activity

    CooperVision – Learning and Development


    To identify gaps in knowledge or skills in global contact lens manufacturer CooperVision’s EMEA social strategy and create learning and development programmes to ensure business-wide understanding of best practice.


    Working with multiple influencers we identified objectives and challenges and held knowledge sharing sessions, developing bespoke tactical training workshops on how best to use social

    platforms and technologies. We also produced training guides to establish consistency across all of CooperVision’s EMEA territories’ social channels, supported by ongoing advice.


    Teams now have full understanding of, and engagement with, their social strategy and its relevance to them, and knowledge gaps have been filled for future training to reach the same level


    Brittany Ferries – Influencer outreach


    To raise the profile of travelling to northern Spain with Brittany Ferries.


    We researched and identified key ‘mummy bloggers’ who could influence the target audience of pre-school families. Our chosen blogger, Mother’s Always Right, then enjoyed a 5-night family break to northern Spain with sailings and accommodation provided by Brittany Ferries.


    • Mother’s Always Right published 7 blog posts about the trip – covering all aspects from start to finish.
    • Blogs were supported on her other platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – generating conversation amongst her followers.

    Samsung – Phone launch


    To support the launch of their i8910HD phone to increase awareness and generate interest.


    Working with recognised gadget key influencer, Jason Bradbury, we created a Twitter competition using crowd sourced activity.

    We also created a dedicated UK gadget fan community, generating content around the product in response to Jason’s promotional influence.


    • 845 competition entries and over 300 re-tweets of Jason’s competition tweet

    McLaren - MP4-12C Launch


    To develop social media activity to support the announcement of McLaren Automotive and the global launch of its first roadcar the MP4-12C, specifically to their desired audience of high net-worth individuals.


    We created and community managed social profiles for the brand on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, preparing content appropriate to the

    target audience by developing relations with online influencers in business, tech and luxury verticals. In addition, we also delivered the livestream of the launch press conference.


    • The MP4-12C became a trending topic on Twitter on launch day and coverage appeared in over 70 high profile digital properties, including the New York Times, Wired, GQ and Luxist

    Maxinutrition - Ongoing social activity

    Social activity to build engagement around the launch of a new product

    • Influencer and community identification
    • Community management (Facebook and Twitter)
    • Community relations within specialist communities
    • Crisis communications
    • Content creation

    AVIVA Health - Brand Strategy

    Social brand strategy to identify how and where social would fit into Aviva Health

    • Six months social media monitoring
    • Workshops and interviews to identify opportunities within social
    • Social strategy
    • Content concepting
    • Community engagement recommendations

    B&Q - iPhone app


    To create the first iPhone app for a DIY store, to extend B&Q’s online customer reach and take them into the digital mobile environment.


    We developed user journeys specific to the iPhone, and created a variety of content, from helpful tips and product lists, to store guides, a shopping list feature, and exclusive deals and offers.

    The content management system behind the app meant the client could easily push notifications and updates directly to the user for a more enhanced experience. All content was shareable via email and social platforms and the app has since been developed with new version releases providing improved features and content.


    • 140,000 downloads and 110,000 opt-ins within the first three weeks. Apple also included it as one of their ‘featured apps’

    L’Oreal - Influencer Relations

    Blogger relations to build awareness of Garnier’s Tinted Eye Roll-on

    • Social media audit and analysis of the beauty blogosphere
    • Creation of blogger event to showcase products
    • Hosting and relationship building at event
    • Distribution of information and product to bloggers
    • Community engagement

    Activision - Community Management

    Community management to support the Black Ops launch event

    • Content distribution within Facebook
    • Facebook page moderation during two day global launch event
    • Management and moderation of the U-Stream chat during the live streaming of the event

    The Body Shop – Influencer Outreach


    To identify the most influential beauty bloggers, reignite passion for The Body Shop and help build long-term relationships to secure regular coverage for the brand.


    We conducted a social media audit and analysis of the beauty blogosphere, identifying key influencers. We then organised a series of events to build relationships and showcase products and campaigns. Merchandise and information was

    distributed, with a press office response function put in place to answer queries.


    • Relationships established with over 60 key beauty bloggers and YouTube vloggers
    • The Body Shop received over 400 reviews of their products within the next two years

    BT Wholesale - Social Media Monitoring

    A three month social media monitoring review, looking at:

    • Key conversation topics
    • Where conversations were taking place
    • Manual sentiment analysis (positive vs. negative)
    • Recommendations for ongoing content and social strategy

    What we do


    What we do

    We’re a social specialist that believes mobile is a crucial channel for social brands and that content is the fuel that powers social strategies. Therefore, over the past 8 years we’ve built a team that has capability in mobile and content marketing as well as social. Below you’ll get a feel for the services we provide.


      Strategy and planning

      Whilst social and mobile are ‘real time’ channels, you’ll still need to have a strategy. There are so many questions that you’ll need answers to; what are your objectives, who are you talking to and what do you want to say.

      We help brands create ‘always on’ strategies and produce individual content plans. Our Strategy Development Framework lets us take various inputs, such as objectives, marketing plans, social

      media monitoring insights, internal resource availability, and enables us to develop strategies that consider social outposts, community management, influencer relations, content and active listening.

      We ensure that KPIs are linked directly to your objectives and that all stages of the customer journey are considered throughout.


      Creative campaigns

      Creative campaigns work when they capture people’s attention, engage them and compel them into action. We achieve this though;

      • Getting under the skin of your brand
      • Understanding the behaviours and attitudes of highly connected people
      • Appreciate that content needs to deliver value and that there are various types of value
      • Technical knowledge of the social platforms and how to utilise them

      We get a real buzz out of coming up with creative ideas that work great for you. We love that sometimes they can be something quite unexpected too, like The Great Fabuloso, The Psychic Horse. If you’d like to find out how an something like an equestrian savant could have helped your social strategy drop us a line. We’d love to give you the lowdown!


      Content marketing

      The importance of digital and social media has increased the pressure for brands to produce an ‘always on’ stream of compelling and relevant content, in effect brands now need to think like publishers.

      The better the content, the more engaged the community, the more awareness through earned media and the higher ranking in Google.

      We help brands define their content strategy. As well as setting KPIs, we’ll consider tone of voice, the ‘long idea’, the role of each social outpost, mobile compatibility, plus how we’ll integrate with web content.

      We create content calendars that identify the actual pieces of content that’ll be published. Here we’re considering the frequency and timing, key dates and events and the value of the content.

      Reacting to news, Internet memes and search trends keeps the content topical whilst analytics from key social platforms provides insights to optimise.

      And lastly, we’ll produce the content, be that videos, pictures and infographics or Facebook and mobile apps, and social campaigns.


      Social analytics and ROI

      Social analytics covers a wide range of KPIs and choosing the right ones is very much dependant on your business, marketing or campaign objectives. We’d be happy to advise on which would be the most appropriate to use.

      • Reach KPIs; fans, followers
      • Engagement KPIs; re-tweets, check-ins, app installs
      • Direct response KPIs; website visitors, opt-ins, sales leads
      • Attitudinal KPIs; sentiment, increased satisfaction, change in perception
      • Brand KPIs; influencer relationship health, brand influence score, share of conversation
      • Financial KPIs; online sales, ROI
      • Dashboards; designed to show change and velocity of the above KPIs

      Joining conversations

      One of the biggest changes social media has made to marketing communications is the ability for brands to join conversations as opposed to previously only starting conversations, or for some brands starting monologues.

      Joining conversations can be very cost effective as the brand is stepping into a topic of conversation which already has people’s attention. The skill is ensuring

      you contribute to the conversation in an appropriate and timely fashion.

      There are various ways in which a brand can join conversations from simply creating content which celebrates national days and events, to responding to breaking news, from running a ‘random acts of kindness campaign’, to proactively providing customer service to issues discovered via social media monitoring.


      Advocacy programmes

      For brands that have an army of fans (as in the original definition), social and mobile can super-charge an advocacy programme. Headstream’s social advocacy programmes can increase your sales by converting more people at each point in the customer lifecycle. Although each organisation’s needs are different, the overall approach would be;

      • look for evidence of satisfied customers and consumers, from simple likes, pins and ratings to conversations across the social web and deep emotional stories
      • ensure it’s easy for people to share their experiences with you and their friends at key brand touchpoints
      • prompt and encourage feedback through dedicated initiatives
      • curate, package and publish evidence of great experiences online and offline
      • consider where timely use of specific advocacy can be used effectively at different points of the customer lifecycle.

      Social media monitoring and research

      The growth of social networking has resulted in a constant stream of conversations on every topic conceivable online every single day of the year. The ability to listen in on these conversations presents a number of opportunities.

      Mining conversations retrospectivity provides research and insights which can be useful in corporate decisions, helping inform marketing strategy and understanding the impact of an organization’s activities.

      This also allows you to identify influencers and communities, gaining an understanding of the power of their

      influence and if they’re promoters or detractors. Tracking your competitors and getting valuable intelligence is a growing application for social media monitoring.

      Real-time monitoring provides an early warning system for corporate comms teams responsible for reputation management.

      Want to do it yourself? Not a problem, if you’d prefer we can provide the necessary training and guidance on the tools available to set up your own command centre.


      Influencer outreach and relations

      Just because you know you have fans, don’t assume that everyone will go find your Facebook page or website. There are a lot of people and groups out there on 3rd party sites that you should be engaging with and building long-term relationships with. These may be individual bloggers, instagrammers, YouTubers etc, or they might be a whole community of people that chat in a forum, or have their own Facebook group.

      Identifying these people and working with them is an important part of the social media marketing process. Using the tools at our disposal we are able to identify people who are passionate about your brand or a relevant topic. We have a strong history of working with influencers online and keep in regular contact with many. Key is to not just contact these influencers one off on a campaign by campaign basis. We actively promote the building on long-term relationships that benefit both the brand and those it is speaking to.


      Community management

      Oodles of fans, likes and shares, building an engaged community is what every brand wants. Whether that community sits on owned channels, social channels, or is spread across numerous spaces. Getting people to a place is pretty easy. Keeping them there, and engaged over a period of time is more difficult but vital to a brand’s success in social.

      We can help brand’s either by providing in-depth training for any internal community management teams, with support when needed, or we can take

      control and run the community management of a brand’s different online channels.

      Every brand’s community is different and needs to be looked after in different ways. After developing a content strategy and plan with you, we’ll set to work producing content and a tone of voice that will resonate with a brand’s online community. We also ensure that our community managers are proactive, creative people who are completely involved in your brand and thinking about what they can do next.


      Competitor benchmarking

      Headstream’s Social Brands 100 is the UK’s most authoritative ranking on social performance. We’ve developed a robust methodology comprising a suite of engagement KPIs which measure the overall performance of brands social media activity.

      Measuring performance across hundreds of brands each year has resulted in a yearly ranking of the top 100 brands since 2011.

      We are able to draw upon this toolkit and experience to enable organisations to benchmark their brands against their competitors and market sector.

      Since publishing the Social Brands 100 ranking we’re extremely proud to have been invited to present our findings to numerous organisations such as British Gas, First Direct, Manchester City FC, Microsoft, Nike, Sainsbury’s and The Cabinet Office and Virgin Money.


      Social and mobile training

      In our bid to enable organisations to meet their goals through social and mobile, we also offer a broad range of training.

      From off-the-shelf programmes covering all the basics, to bespoke training, designed with a brand and delegates in mind, we’re here to bring our following education philosophy to life!

      • We focus on outcome rather than output
      • We blend activity based learning with ‘show and tell’
      • We provide a legacy of support and development

      Training needn’t just be for the marketing, PR or corporate comms teams. How about support teams, for example Customer Service and Human Resources who may need to use social platform or understand the impact of mobile behaviours? Or the board level executives wishing to understand the implications of digital and social on their business.

      We have experience across all business functions, most market sectors and across European territories.


      Social media management systems

      Managing your social activity doesn’t have to be stressful or scary. All you need is an appropriate strategy and a capable Social Media Management System (SMMS).

      A good SMMS enable social teams to manage multiple social media channels and accounts from one central point. They provide tools for listening, creating and publishing content, engaging with customers and measuring the performance of social activities.

      There are many systems available for brands to make use of, ranging in feature sets and strengths. Our working knowledge of a broad range of these platforms enables us to take a look at a brand’s individual needs and goals and ensures that we can match them with the most effective solution.

      Our experience of running a variety of campaigns and activities using different management systems, alongside our own internal research of the landscape, puts Headstream in a great position to find the right system for any company.


      You know the phrase ‘small but perfectly formed’? That’s us! We think small is good as we believe it makes us a better agency partner.

      With a core team of around 20, we have a clear, shared vision which results in a high client service ethic and can-do attitude. With fluid internal communication and knowledge sharing keeping us flexible, we are highly responsive and at the top of our game.

      Meet some of the Headstreamers


      Steve Sponder

      Head of Agency


      Laura Jennings

      Head of Strategy and Client Services


      Tom Chapman

      Business Development Director


      Darren Vernall

      Creative Director


      Elizabeth Flynn

      Client Partner


      Nick Owen

      Head of Analytics


      Kelly Moor

      Client Director


      Alex Barfield

      Community Manager


      David Craft

      Community Manager


      Jerry Alfandari

      Community Manager


      Ashleigh Soppet

      Social Media Executive


      Corrie Swaffield

      Social Media Executive





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